We Believe In

We Strive To Give

At Made in Candy, we strive to provide a Fun, Engaging, Sweet & Personable Experience to all our customers.

MaDE in candy

Made in Candy is a big family that
believes in spreading love
and an unforgettable experience
to as many people as possible.

We have a range of products and services that can be customized to allow each
and every one of our customers to have
their very own fun, engaging,
and sweet & personable experience.

We strive to meet all expectations of our customers
by making each request as special and as unique as we can.


Darling Shirui Yao

“I believe we can bring smiles
and offer the sweetest experience
to everyone that come across
Made in Candy.”

Wayne Lim Wei Wen

“What we do here at
Made In Candy makes is magical
as we add that sweetness to
make things all that more special."

How We Came From

Confectionary Artisans

Mr Wayne Lim Wei Wen founded Made In Candy
in 2009, with the passion as a Sugar Artisan,
he wants show the world the journey of crafting complex designs in small pieces of candies.
The magical experience in watching something being created from pots of boiling liquid should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Co-owner, Ms Darling Shirui Yao, with her passion
for spreading joy and happiness, and her ability
to create & materialize concepts & ideas believes that Made In Candy is perfect for delivering
a heartfelt message. And that the magical
and sweet experience will put a smile on all faces
that comes across Made in Candy.

Together, our owners have trained a family of skilled candy artisans and a group of individuals
that believe our candies can spread happiness
and paint smiles on people’s faces,
one person at a time. 

Today, many people around the world knows
Made in Candy for having its amazing, exciting and creative product along with the fun, engaging and personable experience that we provide.

We Are At


We Are Going To


We are Candy Man

candyman or young candy artist 
who make candies. they show you our candy making process. 
started from boiling, mix colour, 
scurlpture and cut it to perfect 
shape. step by step we make it 
dedicately with high quality 
raw materials.