Created in Singapore in the year 2009, the idea grew from with our obsession to candy as kids. Growing up meant reliving these childhood memories was to come in a form of making our dream come true in starting Asia’s first independent candy kitchen and sculpting authentic hand-made candies for you.

Since then, we have had millions of candies melt on the palates of many of our customers who love the candies we make. To us nothing is more important than the customers who have made us, shaped us and all we’ve created for. Whether these are our usual retail range, small personalized designs or large corporate orders, we make the candy with the same enthusiasm and spunk that make up each MIC Candy craftsman.


When every piece of candy is different and unique, you somehow know that what we are creating something really special. While the candy forms, this little journey of smells, action, taste and reaction begins to fill your very experience to our art of candy making.

We pride ourselves for creating the many tastes, textures and artworks in our candies that surprise even those who thought they’ve seen it all. Come down to our little candy kitchens and see us work our magic to titillate senses and invoke that new imagination through our performances.




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